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Pork Free Post: Pretty Pretty Pretty

11 Dec

The CSA box this week delivered something so pretty, I had to write a pork free post about it. Watermelon daikon radishes. From the outside they look like nothing special, but once you cut in, it is amazing. Bright intense pink with an outer ring ranging from a saturated grass green to a light white-green. Truly a beautiful vegetable.

I’ll be using these a few ways this week, but tonight I threw together what I think must be the most beautifully colored salad ever. It was all on a whim, definitely not a planned part of the night’s meal. I julienned some of these beauties and added them to thinly sliced red cabbage left over from last week’s box. Into the mix went some cilantro, arugula and green onions. The mix of greens, pinks and purples was quite lovely. To finish it off, I whipped up a dressing with lime juice, a touch of apple cider vinegar, oil and honey. The sweetness was a nice contrast to the spicy arugula and radish.

It really is amazing how a food’s color can inspire you. There was just something about the brightness of the radish that made me want to create some sort of salad color explosion. Not only did it taste fresh, but it looked fresh, and what a difference that can make. Color like this is a nice break from the winter blues, that’s for sure.

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