Where Have I Been?!

12 Jul

I feel like a flake. Has it really been SEVEN months since the last post….which wasn’t even about pork?! Apparently so. I’m horrified.

This year has been kooky, per usual. I actually do have reasoning behind not posting – I haven’t been cooking pork shoulder very much. Without getting into specifics, I was diagnosed with a “syndrome” that now requires me to take some diabetes medicine (I don’t have diabetes though, thankfully!). My brother and I couldn’t help but joke about the whole situation, which of course was in an exaggerated Paula Deen voice with a little Wilford Brimley in there, and as such I made this beautiful collage for him:


Anyway, back to the main point. The side effects of the medicine are worse when you eat fattier meats, so I’ve been trying to comply with that. However, there is a bright side. The side effects are only in the beginning, and lucky for me, haven’t lasted that long. In fact, they were actually very mild. I read some awful stories that freaked me out, but I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I have my reasons as to why, mostly that despite loving pork shoulder, I eat a pretty damn healthy diet. What does this all mean? I’m promising to myself that I’m back on the pork shoulder wagon.

A few months ago I started ordering meats from a local “meat buyers club”. It sounds so weird, but it is amazing. All of the meats are local and raised with sustainable practices (is this Portlandia?! Did I eat Colin?!), and you can definitely taste it. The meats are so.freaking.good. We’ve had eggs, lamb, chicken, beef and pork. Guess which meat we find to be the best? Pork, of course. The pork chops are out of this world. I’ve yet to order a shoulder, but this is marked on the order form that will be faxed in tomorrow. I was actually overwhelmed when figuring out what to order – they have Boston Butt roast, shoulder roast boneless and shoulder roast bone-in…..and each as choices from three different farms. Oh my, the stress involved!

Anyhoots, in summary, I’m healthier now that I’ve figured out why I’ve had some various issues, and I’m ready to eat tons of pork again. Keep an eye out in the near future for the next recipe! We’re undergoing a kitchen renovation at the moment, which has rendered me kitchenless to some degree, so either this next post will involve a grill in the next 3 weeks or it will be appearing in the first week of August. Either way, I’m exciting to figure out my next pork concoction.

I’ll also add here, briefly, that I am going to start to add more non-pork recipes. I’ve been experimenting a lot more lately and have made some recipes I feel are worth sharing (like super rich dark chocolate gluten-free brownies). 


2 Responses to “Where Have I Been?!”

  1. Kelley Escobedo July 13, 2012 at 6:18 PM #

    Pastured pork is much tastier and much healthier for you. Good choice going local. Order the shoulder from a heritage pastured hog and you will never go back to anything else!

  2. Ashley Cheechoo August 22, 2012 at 11:22 AM #

    I’ve missed your posts! Im so glad you’re back 🙂 love you.

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