Cleanse Update

13 Jun

I figure I should update on my cleanse. I’ve made it through week 1, and am currently on day 10. This cleanse is amazing, really. I’ve dropped some pounds, mostly of bloat and puffyness that I had no idea existed. It goes so far beyond just not eating gluten.

Surprisingly, we’ve managed to eat quite well on this plan. Yes, you have to have soup for dinner, but you can really make fantastic soups. Lunches we’ve had grilled lamb chops, fish with red apple slaw, wraps with chicken and apples, and so many others. Last night I grilled up some chicken kebabs marinated in mint, cilantro and garlic, served along side a red cabbage and mango slaw with cashews. So good.

I can’t believe how easy this has been, honestly. The smoothies in the morning for breakfast are great, considering I don’t really like breakfast anyway. And eating a big meal in the day is nice – I don’t feel full and uncomfortable at night or when I go to bed.

I’ve managed to not eat a dessert once. Weird. I think I’m going to make one on Wednesday when I’m home to have with my lunches. I’m dying without a little something. Just not sure how to do it totally vegan. So new to me!

I’ll do another update after week 2. But so far so good!


One Response to “Cleanse Update”

  1. stephaniemackin June 14, 2011 at 9:38 AM #

    Nice job!! And you are looking great!!

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